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See those who have benefited from choosing Hodge Built

Lindsey Barrow

Stop being overlooked Be who they talk a

Brit Haynes


As you all know I have been helping @madstatus (Brit Haynes) gain some quality bodyweight. Her doctor was concerned about her health and wanted her to gain weight which has always been a struggle for her. Seeing this slide into my DM was like seeing the finish line. She accomplished her goal which is an incredible feeling. Now the question is.....what's next?

Brandon Wiggins



“The workouts are like no other. Before i became a client of Hodges, id search every day online for new workouts and none compared to the affects Hodge's programs had on my overall physique. Not only are you challenged in each and every workout, but they target and stimulate the muscles in a very unique way that is sure to maximize muscle growth. The man really has his work down to a science and that is shown in the results these workouts yield. I have now been a loyal client to hodge for well over 2 years now and its for a damn good reason.”

Brandon Wiggins (IG: @bwiggy_fitness)

Rafael Perez


Rafael Perez just completed his second powerlifting meet of the year at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam Fitness Center. He came to me for training 4 weeks before the meet. During that 4 weeks we got him 12 pounds leaner to get him into a lower weight class while maintaining, and in some cases, increasing his strength. Because of this, he increased his wilks total by 15.79 points. 
This got him a second place finish for the meet. Being just as powerful in a lighter weight class has now made him a dangerous competitor that can shake up the competition.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 9.01.28 PM.png

Michelle Veneskey Price


Harmony Kahala


"The past couple months have been crazy and I had to realize that weight loss is not just a physical challenge, but a mental one . If it wasn't for my Trainer/Nutritionist Hodge, I know I would've never made it this far & I appreciate all the time and patience he has with me ? 
Looking forward to chipping more fat and making those gains ?? P.S. Don't remind yourself how tired and weak you feel. Stay positive! Every rep. Every step. Brings you closer to your goals!!!!"

Harmony Kahala

Ryan Yonamine


This is Ryan's total body transformation for his first contest prep. Although his bodyweight did not move much, it is obvious he completely changed his composition growing muscle while burning fat.  

"I had a great experience!! Jed really cares about the people he trains. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are on track for whatever your goal is!"

Ryan Yonamine

Jonita Shell

Jonita S..png

"Working with Jed, I've dropped 25 lbs, cut my body fat in half, and gained 7 lbs of muscle. Each week I'm constantly seeing incredible body changes, more muscle tone and definition as we're quickly approaching my first competition, all the while remaining completely natural and free of fat burners!! Jed is an excellent coach and motivator, he is a highly approachable and relatable guy. Contest prep hasn't always been easy for me but he's been completely understanding and accommodating to my work schedule, all the while pushing me to achieve greater strength and gains! I would strongly recommend Jed, whether your goals are to compete in a competition, lose weight, or to be in overall better shape, you will not regret it!"  


Jonita Shell

Erica Fernandez

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 9.36.07 PM.png

Erica Fernandez wins her class and the overall in Open Women's Figure at the 2018 NPC Pacific Island Championships.  Starting around 12 weeks out at 170lbs, we got her down to 148lbs. presenting a better look than her last contest at the same weight.  Improvement is just as important as winning.  If you can keep improving, it's only a matter of time before you leave the competition behind.  I want to congratulate Erica for her first overall win.  She earned every bit of this reward with her countless hours of dedication towards training, cardio, food prep, and still being an incredible Hawaii Fire Fighter.  When people have this much drive, they can do whatever the hell they want.   

Steven Hayden


Mohamed Al-Shibani

5 week progress testimony.jpg

Luke Everhart

Luke Ad.jpg

Brain Keegan


Brian Keegan has dropped 40lbs Since he started working with me. The number does not do him justice. Seeing his strength increase, mobility improve, cardiovascular health increase, and gym performance make strides are some of the many rewards for Brian's dedication. He now has a clean bill of health and can always be challenged with new gym workouts. This man has come such a long way. Way more than just dropping 40 lbs.  He also achieved this while enjoying the island during his stay. Brian proves that you can still make a commitment to invest in yourself and not give up any extra activities people enjoy during their free time in Hawaii. 

Micah Abreu

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