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These services include:


Detailed Diet Plan

Everything laid out meal by meal in detail. What to eat, how much, when, and alternative choices (contest prep may not offer alternative choices)


Workout Plan

With detailed instructions and links to instructional videos to make sure exercises are performed properly. This program will be designed by myself and set up for  you on a phone app you get free when signing up.


Weekly Check Ins

Client sends morning weight, photos, and any details I may need to tweak the program properly.  Progress is evaluated. At that time if changes need to be made to the program I will do so and send them back. This is very important.  As people change, the program needs to change to prevent adaptation and hitting a plateau with your results.  There  will be a form to fill out and send in with every week with photos.


24/7 Communication and Online Live Coaching Sessions

Dieting, whether for a contest, event, or to become healthier, is a lifestyle change. Therefore I keep myself available for questions and advice during the time I am hired. This prevents any bad decision making during emergencies or situations that were not predicted so the client can reduce the risk of falling off the plan.  


Workout and diet plans are written and tailored to the individual and their goals. Plans are not cookie cut to mass produce. Your plan will be unique to your body and what you want to achieve.

12 weeks - $600

After initial 12 weeks price goes down to $150 a month

One Year (up front) - $1700

If needing payment plans you must  be ok with automatic debit monthly.


One Hour Consultation via Zoom

During this we will talk about what your goals are and what the best course of action so I can tailor a one time program for you.  I will also walk you through it as we go.

Detailed Diet Plan

One time written up diet plan for you and your goal.  I will also give some advice on what steps you can take to get the most out of it once you begin,

Workout Plan

You will receive one of my custom built workout plans with links to instructional videos to guide you through exercises.  

Workout and diet plans are written and tailored to the individual and their goals. Plans are not cookie cut to mass produce. Your plan will be unique to your body and what you want to achieve.

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These services are for those who live in or are visiting Hawaii (Oahu).  These will take place at
Iron Hawaiian Fitness
3112, 1727 Republican St,
Honolulu, HI 96819
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All Inclusive Training Sessions


These packages are one on one training sessions with workout plans, nutrition assistance, and meal plans included. I allow constant communication to keep myself available to assist you while you diet. You are responsible for sending weekly weight and photos so that I can see how progress is coming along and make changes to keep the program working. Each program is designed and tailored to the individual and their goals.

You will also get everything included from The Hodge Built Society (online) such as the Training App, Live Coaching and V.I.P. Exclusive group.



2 training sessions a week 

$480 (month) - $60 per session

3 training sessions a week 

$600 (month) - $50 per session

4 training sessions a week 

$720 (month) - $45 per session

Anything more than 4 sessions a week for a month (so 20 or more sessions a month) is $45 per session. All training packages have to be purchased up front before beginning.  


Training packages need to be paid up front before starting. Remember to budget for food (diet plan) and what little supplementation I suggest. Keep in mind some of the extracurricular activities (club, fast food, drinking, etc.) will be put on hold if you desire the best results. When you put those aside and start a new routine, the cost difference is minimal.


Group Training

$40 a session

In order to receive diet plans/nutrition assistance you have to train 3-5 times a week.

Group is same style as individual but may contain up to 4 people. More time is allotted to guarantee everyone gets an incredible workout.


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